Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Get Ripped Muscles By Sleeping and Eating More

Eating and sleeping more will help you get ripped muscles. Of course, you have to do a little more than that - but eating and sleeping are actually two very important parts of what is, in my opinion, the best way to get ripped.

Ripped Muscles

Why Sleep Works

Sleep is great for so many reasons. And not just because it's fun.

A good night's sleep does a lot of beneficial things for your body. Sleep is primarily when your body releases testosterone and growth hormone, as well as when it repairs your body from the activity of the day.

Lack of sleep also gives you more time each day to feel hungry when you're dieting to lose fat. And more time to give in and snack on sweet munchies late at night.

Sleep also bollixes up ghrelin, one of the hormones responsible for a healthy regulation of your appetite. Which can really harm any weight loss efforts you are trying.

I also find that the times that I become sleep deprived are usually those when I'm stressed out and overworked. Cortisol is the primary hormone released when you are under chronic stress, and it catabolizes (breaks down) muscle, in addition to keeping you awake. So sleep is a barometer of your overall stress level.

If you're too busy for a full night's sleep, even a short midday nap helps. Seriously, any extra sleep you can get helps you.

In a nutshell, sleep is not for the weak. Sleep is a necessary part of regenerating your body and keeping it healthy, and neglecting sleep chronically has horrible side effects.

Eat More

...Healthy food. And less crap.

Snickers bars, petit fours, doughnuts - anything crappy is usually has a lot of sugar, and a lot of calories. That's what makes them taste so good.

Healthy foods don't have such a strong sweet taste. But if you're intelligent, they don't have to taste like swill either.

Invest time in learning how to cook vegetables and meats well. Not only will this reduce your grocery bill, but it will give you much more control over your diet and allow you to find lower calories dishes that you like to eat.

For example, I love eating butternut and acorn squash. I can eat a ton of both of these, and in a given sitting I might only eat 200 calories for a whole baked one.

If you cut out crap from your diet, you can eat a ton of healthier food. And with a few touches (like spices, vinegar, wasabi, soy sauce, etc.) you can prepare tasty, filling, muscle-building meals that don't have a ton of calories.

Hell, you can start cooking with whey protein and stevia (like some bodybuilders do), and have a 'healthy' cheesecake every day. It all depends on your cooking ability, and your creativity.

Now, Start Eating and Sleeping

Of course, you'll need to workout to build muscles. And eating less to lose weight.

But eating and sleeping correctly will help you toward your goals. Much more than you might think right now.

The big battle now is to get off your rear end and start working to get ripped muscles. Not tomorrow, today!

If you need more ideas or info, check out the links below. They outline the best way to get ripped that I know, and how you can use the same methods to get ripped muscles.

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